Perfect Dugouts for the Perfect Game

As a coach, your challenge is to create a favorable environment for your team to thrive. And as part of this effort, one of the most important aspects you should consider is your dugout. The dugout is where your team will spend a considerable amount of time during games, so it must be comfortable, safe, and functional. In this blog post, we’ll share tips on how to build the best dugout for your players, just like the one in the famous movie, Field of Dreams.

1. Design and Layout

The first step in building a great dugout is to design its layout. It should be a safe haven for your players, that provides them shelter and the necessary amenities. A dugout typically has a roof to protect your players from bad weather elements, and it should have enough space to accommodate all your team members. Additionally, you should consider having dugout cubbies or shelves, where your players can store their gloves, helmets, and other equipment, so they’re easily accessible.

2. Seating

Your players will spend a considerable amount of time in the dugout, so you want to ensure they’re comfortable. The seating options you select should be durable, secure, and comfortable. Consider using bench seating or fold-up chairs that can be easily removed for maintenance or cleaning. The benches should be designed to maximize space and efficiency. It’s also important to consider the context of a game and the number of players on your team when deciding how many people should be comfortably accommodated to avoid crowding.

3. Safety Features

The safety of your players is paramount, so it’s important to have safety features in place. The dugout must be designed with safety barriers, including a fence or netting, to protect your players from stray balls or other objects that could potentially cause them harm. Additionally, you should have policies in place to regulate who is allowed in your dugout, including parents and other spectators.

4. Amenities

Amenities like hydration, shade, and protection from the elements are also good to consider when designing your dugout. Your players should always have access to drinking water, and a bench with a canopy or awning would provide relief from harmful sunlight. Additionally, you could consider having small fans in the dugout during summer months to help your players stay cool, or dugout heaters to keep them warm during cold winter games.

5. Maintenance and Care

Like any structure, your dugout will require maintenance and care. You should regularly inspect the dugout for damages and repair them, such as by replacing worn-out parts or fixing torn netting. You should also keep the area around the dugout free from debris, and clean it frequently to keep the space clean and safe.

The best dugout for your players is one that’s comfortable, safe, and functional. When designing your dugout, you should prioritize your players’ needs while ensuring that the space is safe, efficient, and accommodating. By following these tips and ensuring your dugout amenities are well-maintained, you can create a great dugout experience for your team, just like the one in Field of Dreams.