Is medicare advantage better than supplements?

The medicare part C is a combination of both Part A and Part B. It has better hospital and doctor facilities and nursing is better with prescribed drugs and is cheaper than Part A and Part B plans. The medicare advantage plan as an individual gives extra benefits like-

  1. Dental care with dentures and x-rays.
  2. Solving vision-related issues. Part C also includes the cost of eye-glasses or the contacts.
  3. With a proper hearing aid, to increase the independent hearing capacity. 
  4. Promotes fitness among senior citizens.

On the other hand, the medigap or medicare supplement plans offer a different set of benefits than Part C. It is a supplement plan, which means basic eligibility is to have original medicare Part A and Part B. Some of the benefits include-

  1. Copayment or Coinsurance
  2. Three pints of blood in the first three blood transfusion
  3. Part A deductibles
  4. Few of the plans like Part G and N, prefer to let the buyers pay the Part B deductible themselves. Once that is paid these plans provide 100% coverage for the entire year. 
  5. The policy can be renewed as long as the buyer keeps paying the monthly premium.
  6. The medigap policy is for 1 person only. The spouse or any other family member can’t use it.
  7. The medigap policies can get sold by the companies and not individuals. 

They both are provided by private insurance companies that are widely used by the insurers. The most used and the best medigap plan for the year 2022 is the Plan G and Plan N. Why medicare advantage is giving tough competitor?

Because of the newfound developments, the year 2022 will be better for advantage plan users. Some of the profound upgrades include the telehealth services that means the patients can now have their regular health check-ups online. With the help of small machines at home, the patients can check themselves and send their reports to doctors for evaluation. It is easy, with the help of video conferencing and small health machines at home. The services are for particular medical sectors like gynecology, primary care, dermatology, psychiatry, endocrinology, and cardiology. 

The long-term coverage which also includes in-home care services in severe situations like adult care, In-home personal care services like all-time maid or house-help, over the top benefits, home-modifications for easier movement within the house, meal and transportation to provide hot and healthy meals and transport to the fitness center. In ESRD, End-stage renal disease the medicare advantage plan will now let patients enroll with better options. This means the cost of a kidney transplant will be covered by the medicare advantage plan starting 2022.

Within the wide range of advantage plan options, the most preferred is  HMO plans. The  Affordable Medicare Advantage are gaining popularity. Part C has numerous benefits to begin with,  medicare advantage for 2022 just got more likable and reputed.