Factory map extraction points everyone should know in Escape from Tarkov

Extraction in the game of Escape from Tarkov

In the game of Escape from Tarkov, your goal will be to escape from the city of gameplay alive with all the weapons and other loot items as soon as possible. You will be facing many opponents who will be wandering with the same goal as yours, and they can kill you during the raid. But if you are quick enough in getting out of the town, you can survive. To complete the tasks and gain loots easier, there are several Escape from Tarkov hacks online. Using these cheats and hacks, everyone can find an easy way to reach the extraction point. An extraction point will be the ultimate destination for every player of Escape from Tarkov. Once you reach the point and you are eligible to pass, you can get out of the town. Some things will decide your successful extraction trip. Some of these factors are as below,

  • Your desired map for gameplay
  • Your mode of gameplay (PMC or Scavenger)
  • Requirements of the extraction points
  • Availability of exit points

Among these, the major factor is the type of map you have chosen for your game. If you have chosen a Woods map, you will wander in dense forests. In a factory map, you will be inside a confined structure with minimal opponents. In this article, let us discuss the exit points of the factory map in brief.

Exit points on a factory map

Gate 0 – You will require a factory key to pass through this exit point. You can reach this exit point at the southern end of the map, and the identification mark will be a wall full of graffiti. There will be a door inside leading to another locked door. You should use the factory key to open this door to start extraction. There may be some opponents hiding in the room to kill you.

Gate 3 – It is the vital extraction point of the entire factory map. This point will allow both a PMC and a Scavenger without any keys. There will be a wall behind a pile of pipes at the northwest corner of the map. You will find a door leading to another door. If you pass both the doors, the extraction process will begin. There will also be some players waiting for easy kills.

Cellars – It will be an extraction point straight opposite to Gate 3. You can find this point in the northeastern part of the map. It allows only PMC players to pass through, and it also requires a factory key to start the extraction processes. Once you reach the wall on the northeastern map, you will see a door. Inside the door, there will be a staircase leading to the basement. On the left of the staircase end, you will see another door. It is advisable to use the factory key to open the door and pass through it for extraction.