What Made Dr Michael Hilton Become an Expert In Providing Emergency Medical Services

Since he graduated and obtained his Doctor of Science qualification, Dr Michael Hilton has been practicing as a physician of Emergency Medicine (EM). He commenced right from the year 2009 when he graduated from the UPMC (University of Pittsburg Medical Center), taking the role of Attending doctor in this same university’s School of Medicine eventually. Dr Michael Hilton started working as EMS or Emergency Medical Services fellow and resident Physician.

During his period in this unit of UPMC between the years 2009 and 2016, he has been able to do many things, including the following;

  1. Worked with many major airline representatives (airline pilots as well as ground teams or crews) in providing suitable medical consultationsin real-time. 
  2. Worked with the air medical evacuation service called MedJet Assist and consulted on the matter of travel and evacuation. 
  3. Provided to the air medical care transport teams and also other EMS crews medical consultation through radio, phone calls, and also telemedicine. 

Dr Michael Hilton also exercised his leadership role while working at the UPMC. He was the leader of the multidisciplinary health professionals and some ancillary workers of the EM department. These are people or staff that are saddled with providing immediate medical attention and care to different kinds of patients. In fact, during his time, Dr Michael Hilton was able to manage the Emergency Physician Response program of the UPMC. This program included many things, such as;

  1. Tools, equipment as well as all forms of logistics.
  2. Ambulance and other vehicles’ operations.
  3. EM personnel, as well as needed liaison with the UPMC administrators and the City of Pittsburgh.  

It was during Dr. Hilton’s time that UPMC was able to get the latest and excellent response vehicles (two in number) for the department of emergency medicine. Providing some medical directions to 2 university EMS and also four (4) municipal EMS services were the sole responsibilities of Dr Michael Hilton during his period at UPMC. He came up with an impressive emergency vehicle response program which he implemented well. He was working most time in collaboration with this great higher institution’s administration. This is inclusive of the;

  1. Police.
  2. Legal department.
  3. Health services. 

Dr. Hilton, who has offered new training and administrative structure at the UPMC, also provided the Carnegie Mellon EMS clinical Health Care excellent medical direction. He really showed his avow likeness for EMS right from when he started practicing at UPMC.

Emergency medicine professionals or experts like Dr Michael Hilton have undergone some prerequisite training. That is why they are able to handle most critical and emergent situations very efficiently. They are usually the first personnel or responders to make contact with victims of accidents, terrorist attacks, or natural disasters.  

EM experts are medical doctors who specialize in identifying and treating all kinds of acute or severe wounds and illnesses. EM physicians are usually stationed in the emergency departments of both normal and teaching hospitals. They are equally present at medical or healthcare facilities and centers. 

EM experts such as Dr Michael Hilton are able to stabilize victims of accidents and equally administer appropriate medical treatment because they have undergone some special medical training. One such training is the accredited residency program in emergency medicine.